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States and federal agencies are holding billions of dollars in unclaimed property and missing money. Unclaimed property statutes consider financial assets to be abandoned when contact with the owner is lost.

This frequently occurs following an unreported address change or expiration of a postal forwarding order, a name change after marriage or divorce, and after the untimely death of a family member who passed without an updated will.

When owners or heirs fail to claim the money over a specified period of time known as the dormancy period, holders - including banks, brokers, employers and life insurance companies - transfer the funds to a government trust account in a legal process known as escheat.

Here this money awaits your claim, along with billions of unclaimed dollars held by government agencies themselves - including $17 billion in unredeemed savings bonds, $92 million in undelivered IRS tax refunds, and hundreds of billions of dollars in unclaimed retirement and social security checks and entitlements.

It is important that you make a proactive effort to claim this money, as most holders of unclaimed funds make little effort to locate lost owners and heirs. Most - but not all - claims can be made in perpetuity, so prompt action is advised.

IRS Tax Refunds
Life Insurance US Savings Bonds
Stocks & Bonds Lost Inheritance
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IRA Accounts Credit Union Acc't
401(k) Plans HUD Refunds
Indian Monies Railroad Retirees
Mineral Royalties Social Security
Gov't Pension Veterans Benefits
Child Support Gift Card Refunds
Money Orders Actor Residuals
Postal Savings Musician Royalties
Bankruptcy Funds Author Royalties

Consumer Alert $17 billion in unredeemed U.S. Savings Bonds
The value of unredeemed US Savings Bonds that have reached matured and stopped paying interest currently exceeds $16 billion. Have you forgotten about an old savings bond received years ago?   Savings Bond Search
Consumer Alert Unclaimed Life Insurance
One in three life insurance policies go unclaimed on death of the insured, because family members aren't always aware a policy exists, or don't know how to track it down. Unclaimed Life Insurance Policy Search
Consumer Alert Are you heir to unclaimed property or an unknown inheritance?
Often family members are unaware they’re entitled to collect an unknown inheritance and other unclaimed assets owed deceased relatives who died without an up to date will. Unclaimed Inheritance Search
Consumer Alert Have you been contacted by an unclaimed asset tracer?
Professional asset tracers often track down and contact family members and heirs of deceased relatives, demanding 35% or more for information on unclaimed money. Find and claim this money yourself. Unclaimed Money Search
Consumer Alert Missing Pensions
32,000 missing employees and spouses are eligible to receive a share of $133 million in unclaimed pension benefits from bankrupt companies with terminated defined-benefit pension plans. Unclaimed Pension Search
Consumer Alert Lost and Unclaimed IRA s - Individual Retirement Accounts
50 million Americans have invested in IRAs. If withdrawals are not made by age 70˝, or in some cases 59˝, Individual Retirement Accounts may be considered unclaimed and abandoned Unclaimed IRA Search
Consumer Alert Savings Accounts, IRAs and CDs at FDIC Insured Failed Banks
There have been over 100 bank failures this year and last, including the largest ever, Washington Mutual. Depositors may collect insurance proceeds - up to  $250,000 per account - but there are time limits. Unclaimed Account Search
Consumer Alert Unclaimed  401k Pension Benefit Search
Each year, $850 million in 401(k) retirement plan assets owed employees of companies that have gone bankrupt or ceased operations go unclaimed. Families of deceased workers forget to claim billions more. Unclaimed 401k Search
Consumer Alert Missing Stock, Bonds and Mutual Funds
The SEC estimates 3 million lost stockholders are entitled to unclaimed stock worth $10 billion. Additionally, $500 million in stock dividends and bond interest payments are not cashed each year. Missing Stock Search
Consumer Alert HUD Refunds
Unclaimed HUD refunds are owed hundreds of thousands of homeowners who have or had FHA insured mortgages, because many home owners fail to notify HUD of a new address after a move. HUD Refund Search

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